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tdbengine-based projects
There are some projects realised with tdbengine we just want to advertise here.

Mini-HTTP-Server written in EASY

It's a simple but well working Web server which is ideal for usage with tdbengine based projects that run locally or even from CD-ROM.

tdbSQL - Open Source SQL Server

tdbSQL is the attempt to build a complete SQL server, similar to mySQL, based upon tdbengine. The aim is to provide transparent access on tdbengine data from any programming platform available (eg. PHP, C/C++, Java, PERL, Python, etc.)

pdflib - Generate PDFs from within EASY

With help of the pdflib you can create PDF-files directly out of your easy modules. This is the missing link between your web application and the local printer of its users.
Documentation and examples are inside the package - and in English.

Bug-A-Boo - Web based bug tracking system

Bug-A-Boo is a powerful bug and issue tracking system specialized on the needs of software developers and uses. It is very feature rich and plays out all the strengths of tdbengine.
There appear new releases regularely under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL). The menu option Bug Reporting links to a Bug-A-Boo system for example.

IMAPEngine - Open Source IMAP server

IMAPEngine is a fully functional IMAP 4Rev1 server. It gets EMails from different POP3-Accounts and provides them to you via the IMAP protocol.
IMAPEngine is developed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL). The mails are stored in tdbengine data tables, of course, so all data access is very fast.

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