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Welcome our dear friends from the DOS-TDB era!

Many of you know us now since the release of one of the most early versions and have accompanied us during many updates. Because of frequent user-mail and hotline-calls we have developed an almost personal relationship to some TDB-comrades.

With the victory of Windows the TDB-fellowship has broken up and we all had a chance for a reorientation. But now we are back again!

All we want to do is compact, stable and fast software. And our philosophy is sought after on the internet. Whilst under Windows no software is taken serious weighing less than 300 MByte, "Blue Screens" are rather the rule than the exception, customer complaint calls are 3,60 a minute and all sells well as long as the label says M ... s ...! No one on the net can afford this. Here only speed and stability count - and we are right back at the virtues of Turbo - Database.

If you had already worked with EASY, you will be able to write your own programs in shortest time and put them on the internet. Thats even more easy and faster than programming a DOS - application, because you may forget about the whole complex "User Interface". The user interaction tale place using HTML-documents.

Usually CGI-programs on the internet are called by formfields in HTML - pages. The TDB-engine provides some new EASY-instructions with which values in formfields can be retrieved. Additionally there are functions for the output of an answer-page. That's all, folks.

An example procedure: In a searchform the user can send a query to a receipt-database. By pushing the submit-button he sends the query to your internetserver and calls your program. Your program examines the query and selects the corresponding receipts from your receipt-database. The result is sent as a list in HTML-format to the user's browser.

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