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How to use tdbengine on a virtual server managed with CONFIXX?

This description was tested on Confixx Premium 2003 but it should work on other versions, too.

  • Transfer tdbengine on the server into the directory html underder the analogical domain. In this example we assume html/cgi-bin. This directory and the file tdbengine should have the rights 755.
  • Log in on the Confixx surface (server administration).
  • Select httpd special in the menu.
  • Select the option change a domain and then next
  • Enter the name of the domain which tdbengine should be installed for and then click suchen
  • Click in the following list select after the desired domain.
  • Include in the follownig window the both lines (extra)
    AddHandler prg .prg
    Action prg /cgi-bin/tdbengine
    and click save

Now you can run all tdbengine programs in the specifided URL

Another tip:
If you want to use .htaccess files you'll have not only to include the both lines under httpd special but also allow the use of .htaccess there. Then that looks for example like this:
<Directory /srv/www/htdocs/web2/html/>
AllowOverride All
Options -Indexes

In doing so you have to convert the directory (in the example web2). If you don't know where the directory is you'll be able to search for it using find. Log in with SSH and enter the following lines:
cd /
find -name "tdbengine"
Now the directory is displayed to you in which you had uploaded tdbengine before.

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