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On this page you can find a continuously growing collection of applications, tools, tips and tricks on the tdbengine. You can dig into the database,
scrutinize it and download what you need. You can even upload a contribution yourself and make it available to other users.

Have a nice time with tdbengine!

Ulrich Kern

Current entries:
Application: Sourcecode documentation system

This module helps you to create html files containing the comments you placed in your sources in a structured output. Several (xml-like) Tags are used within in block comments.
This tags are recognized and put into shape for html. Take a look to the demo (which is of German content, but the structure is language independend)

Sourcecode Demo

  Download now (8.936 Bytes / Release 23.02.2004)

Application: formfield - generator
an easy formfield generator.

start via .../cgi-tdb/genform.prg

Select a table, click the fields and let it create a whole entry form, which is
to be embedded in any HTML - document you like.

Before long a program - generator will follow which supplies the basic routines
for the generated formfield.


  Download now   genform.tgz (3.560 Bytes / Release 19.02.2004)

Application: four in a row

A little demo - program which proves the capabilities of tdbengine aside from

It plays the wellknown game "four in a row" against a human partner. The
adjusted strength makes sure that the times for a move stay low (about 20 sec.),
but is still challenging to human players if they want to win.

Lots of parts of the game might be subject to enhancements. The Output of the
game could easyly be refurbished. A redesign on the input by mouse (without
manual input of action) would be desirable.

Improvements anytime welcome!

Have a alot of fun

Ulrich Kern


  Download now (4.052 Bytes / Release 19.02.2004)

Script: simple mailer-demon for Linux/sendmail

This is quite a simple program which regularly checks a specific folder for
emails and sends them.

It is an executable script, maybe the path to tdbengine needs customization.


sudo -b mailer


  Download now   mailer.tgz (973 Bytes / Release 19.02.2004)

Library: emails from a cgi-application
Linux-version of cgimail

Sends emails via sendmail directly from an easymodule.

There are two programcalls:

MailFile(file, receiver, subject, sender : STRING)
MailRamText(receiver, subject, sender : STRING)


  Download now (2.572 Bytes / Release 19.02.2004)

library: standardization of searchstrings

Prepares a searchstring for a fulltext-search to be compatible to a searchengine


  Download now (2.314 Bytes / Release 19.02.2004)

Application: Simple Forum

A simple discussion-forum, as extensible as you like.

Its the same forum on as well as on and on many other sites.

Its strengths:
* Easy to administer
* Email-notification
* Easy configuration


  Download now   forum.tgz (20.944 Bytes / Release 19.02.2004)

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