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tdbengine download page
Here you can download the full version of the tdbengine without major "bureaucratic obstacles". These days this includes:

  • README (the license agreements)
  • install.bat (respectively for Linux)
  • tdbengine
  • test.mod (the utmost famous "Hello World")
  • pdk.mod (a simple EASY-Compiler)
  • scanfile.mod (for an interactive Fileselection)
  • ddk.mod (creates and restructures database-tables)
  • dmk.mod (tiny administration tool for databases)
  • install.prg (the EASY-part of the installation)
  • edittext.mod (simple texteditor for editing templates, config files etc.)
  • list_mod.mod (pretty-Lister for EASY-modules)

Download the ZIP or TGZ - file into some folder you like. After unpacking simply start install (either .bat or .sh). You require about 0,5 MByte on your harddisc. A detailed installation guide is available on the website of the online documentation.

These are the versions for Win32, Linux and FreeBSD:

Current version 6.2.9

  Download now   tdbengine 6.2.9 Linux (194.669 Bytes / Release 05.03.2004)
  Download now   tdbengine 6.2.9 Windows (216.941 Bytes / Release 05.03.2004)

Documentation / Function reference

Previous version 6.2.8

  Download now   tdbengine 6.2.8 Linux i386 (187.493 Bytes / Release 12.08.2003)
  Download now   tdbengine 6.2.8 Windows (210.369 Bytes / Release 21.11.2003)
  Download now   tdbengine 6.2.8 FreeBSD 4.x (189.185 Bytes / Release 12.08.2003)

After the installation the tdbengine is quite naked. If you want to have something to view and study right now, we have included a small demo-project foryou. Its a multimedia-database which was included in the WinTDB-package for demonstrational purposes.

  Download now   Demo-Projekt "Vögel" (624.611 Bytes / Release 21.11.2003)

Copy the archive right into your tdb-script-folder (in the majority of cases /home/tdbengine) and unpack it there. After that you can use your browser to access the URL "localhost/cgi-tdb/voegel.prg" to get a first glance on the possibilities of tdbengine.

For further questions on the installation and configuration please check the online documentation or use the forum.

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