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Additional downloads
Here we provide you a couple more downloads which may help you with your everyday work with tdbengine.

Syntax highlighting for your favorite editor
ECLIPSE Platform for Linux und Windows

Eclipse is a very mighty and complex development environment, which aims to be absolutely open. Eclipse Platform itself is written in JAVA and can be totally extended / re-arranged with plug-ins.
You can find the very latest release of Eclipse at for download. To get an idea what it is all about you should look at this screenshot showing the EASY syntax highlighting.

The tdbengine plug-in for Eclipse is developed with intensity and success by Volker Schulte. We want to thank him very much for his contribution to the tdb-Community.

  Download now   Eclipse Plugin tdbeditor 0.8 (647.570 Bytes / Release 25.01.2005)


- Remove any previously installed version first to avoid later problems.
- Unzip the zip archives content into the eclipse (3.0 +) installation directory.
- Run your workbench and create a "simple" project.
- The Plugin is connected to MOD files and should automatically be used when a new file is created. If it does not do so, simply help out by using "Open with..."
- Open the outline view so all procedures of the currently edited module are listed
- If you want to compile your sources from within Eclipse you have to set up a "External Tools" options manually which calls the tdbengine

Ultra Edit for Windows

Ultra Edit can be called one of the strongest editors available today. An uncountable number of feature satisfy everones needs. For developing tdbengine modules the function list it provides is a must-have feature.
To get a picture of what UE looks like we have a screenshot available.

  Download now   UltraEdit Syntax-Highlighting (2.262 Bytes / Release 25.11.2003)
Unzip this file into your UltraEdit installation directory (e.g. C:\Program Files\UltraEdit)

Kate for Linux / KDE

Kate is a very comfortable editor for the K Desktop Environment under Linux.
One of its big features is the code folding, which enables you to hide complete procedures when browsing through your source codes. Take a look at this screenshot.

  Download now   KATE (KDE Advanced Text Editor) Syntax-Highlighting (2.999 Bytes / Release 25.11.2003)
Unpack this file into $HOME/.kde/share/apps/katepart/syntax/

Interesting projects based on tdbengine
An in EASY programmed web server. Interesting for people who think about web applications running from a cdrom or like that.
Additional information is available (in German only) at /Projekte/Mini-HTTP-Server

  Download now   Mini-HTTP-Server (860.158 Bytes / Release 22.12.2004)
Ein komplett in EASY geschriebener Web-Server. Ideal geeignet fŁr tdbengine-basierte Stand-Alone Applikationen

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