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Error codes and messages
The tdbengine is weakly internationalized and therefor holds a lot of German text constants.
For example the error messages. We translated them word by word for you, so you can get message when comparing the error codes with the table below.
We hope this to change slightly with the next releases.

Common error codes and messages
-2  :  The given source code module could not be found

Problem: This error happens when the given filename of a module to compile points to a not existing file.


@home> /usr/bin/tdbengine error1.mod
Module: error1.mod
error1.mod, compiler error: -2


Solution: Check the path and filename for typos.

2  :  The given programm could not be found

Problem: This error happens when the given filename of a programm to execute points to a not existing file.


@home> /usr/bin/tdbengine error2.prg
content-type: text/html

<h2>tdbengine (v 6.2.9) message</h2>
<h3>error 2 in module: error2.prg</h3>

Solution: Check the path and filename for typos and ensure the module was compiled before.

Compiler and interpreter errors
These errors appear on compile time already or later at runtime. They are logged in the error.log normally.
With the TDB_LastError function you can handle those errors manually, if you switched off automatic exception handling with SetPara() before.

Code Message
1 file can not be opened
2 general read error
3 general write error
4 error at index building
5 error at index erasing
6 index does not exist
7 error in selection
8 import error (not tdbengine)
9 error creating a file (IO-error)
10 error closing a file (IO-error)
11 index key too big (more than 256 Bytes)
12 error at index loading (IO-error)
13 index and table are not compatible (different number of records)
14 no data field (illegal field identifier)
15 illegal subdirectory (not existing or no access permission)
16 illegal file link (error in RELATION)
17 file is already open (opendb on already opened table)
18 no file in current directory
19 record not found
20 module not found (at USES or INCLUDE)
22 file already exists
23 index already opened
25 general syntax error
26 illegal filename
28 index description deleted
29 wrong program version
30 double entry
31 can not open MEMO-file
32 MEMO not allowed here
33 MEMO write error
34 illegal operation
35 file already opened
36 access denied
37 file not found or access denied (at opendb)
38 wrong code (password or encoding code do not match)
39 error in INCLUDE-file
40 no linked record
41 term not complete
42 illegal operator
44 type missmatch or unknown type (mostly at assignment A:=B)
45 unknown character
46 illegal number constant
48 logical operand missing
49 illegal operand
50 unknown identifier
51 field variable expected
52 unknown error
53 too many variables
54 '=' missing
55 number expected
56 ? expected
57 illegal file structure
58 no table
59 too many fields (more than 1000 data fields in a table)
60 expression too complex (e.g. in recursion)
61 error in expression
66 string expected
67 too many indices
71 identifier defined twice
72 REL-file already exists (at GENREL)
73 too many L- or R-fields (at MAKEDB)
74 string too long (more than 255 chars)
76 only a N-field allowed (one AUTO-field per table)
77 no table of relations (at MARKTABLE)
80 only one ID_Index allowed
81 array overflow (at ARRAY-indices)
82 unknown command
83 label missing
84 no ID-index specified
85 no definition (table structure without fields)
86 illegal text partitioning
87 illegal access (at ACCESS)
89 variable expected (at reference parameters)
90 error in writing index
91 error in reading index
92 end of subreport not definied (ENDSUB missing)
93 illegal operation
94 too many files (more than 31 tables opened)
95 index damaged
96 UNTIL expected
97 END expected
98 illegal index definition (also at SORTMARK)
101 nesting not allowed (of procedures)
102 ENDPROC missing
103 another user in the net (only in special version)
104 net operation aborted (only in special version)
105 record is already edited (only in special version)
106 login error (only in special version)
107 IPX-not active (only in special version)
108 timeout error (only in special version)
109 unknown error in net (only in special version)
110 locking error (only in special version)
111 BLOB can not be opened
112 MEMO damaged
113 BLOB damaged
114 operation aborted
115 no write permissions to file
116 index still in use
117 illegal file structure
120 runtime error (for debugger)

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