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    Topic complex String functions
    Function swap()
    Short Inversion of a string with reference to the start of sorting
    Syntax SWAP(s : STRING) : STRING
    Parameter s : any string
    Return s, if s includes no '^',
    otherwise 'b^a', if s has the form 'a^b'.
    See also:
    Description The databases of the TDB family support the sign of start of sorting '^' in strings. That means that strings in the form 'a^b' are not sorted under 'a...' but under 'b...'. At sorting surch strings a SWAP(...) is executed internal.
    Example: A typical case of a problem are titles of nobility in name fields. The name 'von Eisenstein' is normally sorted under 'von...' thus a search over indices for 'Eisenstein' would fail. But is the name entered as 'von^Eisenstein' the name is sorted under 'Eisenstein...' and also found.

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