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    Topic complex Ramtext functions
    Function ramtext_insert()
    Short Inserts a string to a ramtext
    Syntax ramtext_insert(ramtext : STRING; startpos : INTEGER; target : STRING) : INTEGER
    Parameter ramtext : name of ramtext in the form "ramtext:..."
    startpos: position of the character, where the string should be inserted
    target : the string that is to insert
    Return number of the characters that are displaced by the insertion
    See also:
    ramtext_find() ramtext_part() ramtext_delete()
    Description This function inserts a string at the position startpos.

    The return value is rather of academic interest, because it is the number of replaced characters (filesize-startpos).
    0 is returned, if the string could not inserted because

    * startpos had the value 0
    * startpos was bigger than the actual filesize+1
    * the insertion lead to a filesize greater than 64 KB at present.

    According to that startpos can get the values between 1 (insertion at the beginning) and getsize(ramtext)+1 (insertion at the end).

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