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    Topic complex Other functions
    Function dbf2dat()
    Short Converts a dbf table (DBase, FoxPro) to the tdbengine table format
    Parameter FN_DBF : path to dbf file
    FN_DAT : path to dat file
    MODE : 0 -> dbf ASCII coded, 1 : dbf ANSI coded
    Return 0 : everything is okay
    otherwise Error code

    Most significant error codes:
    -2 : dbf file could not be opened
    -1 : dat file already exists
    2: Read error
    3: Write error
    See also:
    Description This function can handle any dbf file format (including Version 6.0)

    DBF2DAT always generates tdb tables in compatibility mode what means that you get REAL typed fields of 6 Byte instead of 8 Byte as tdbengine can handle. Therefore it's possible to use those tables with the other programs of the tdb family ((DOS-)TDB, Visual Data Publisher)

    The field types are adjusted accordingly. Numerical fields automatically get the predefined amount of decimals.

    Memos are also supported. DBF2DAT tries to get the data from .dbt (dBase) or .ftp (FoxPro) files lying in the same directory as the source file does.

    Index files will not be imported.

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