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    Topic complex Ramtext functions
    Function ramtext_subst()
    Short Replaces a string in a ramtext by another
    Syntax RAMTEXT_SUBST(ramtext : STRING; target : STRING; substitution [; mode] : INTEGER) : INTEGER
    Parameter ramtext : name of ramtext in that form "ramtext:..."
    target : any string
    Here are the following posibilities:
    there are the following special cases:
    "extern:path" target replaced by an external file
    "ramtext:..." target is replaced by corresponding ramtext, otherwise target is replaced by the string expression.
    field access, that consists again of
    table handle, field number or
    table handle, field identifier

    mode : 0 (default) simple substitution
    1 HTML-substitution (only special chars)
    2 ANSI-substitution
    4 word wraps are added with

    8 ExtNote is deleted after first use
    16 external text is in ASCII format
    32 Only body part is read (only in conjunction with external html texts)
    Return 0 Target not found
    1 Target found
    See also:
    loadtemplate() cgiwritetemplate()
    Description SUBST replaces principally only the first appearance of the targets. All targets can be replaced the following way:


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