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Ramtext functions
  • loadtemplate()
  • ramtext()
  • ramtext_copy()
  • ramtext_delete()
  • ramtext_find()
  • ramtext_insert()
  • ramtext_name()
  • ramtext_part()
  • ramtext_paste()
  • ramtext_subst()
  • subst()
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    Ramtext functions
    loadtemplate() Loads an external text file to the system ramtext
    ramtext() Initialisiert einen Ramtext
    ramtext_copy() Copies an area from within a ramtext
    ramtext_delete() Deletes an area in a ramtext
    ramtext_find() Searches for a string in a ramtext
    ramtext_insert() Inserts a string to a ramtext
    ramtext_name() Ramtext-Namen eines Handles
    ramtext_part() Extracts a string from a ramtext
    ramtext_paste() Inserts the "ramtext:~clip" into another ramtext
    ramtext_subst() Replaces a string in a ramtext by another
    subst() Replaces a string in the system ramtext

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