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Array functions
  • bitand()
  • bitandnot()
  • bitnot()
  • bitor()
  • bitsum()
  • bittrunc()
  • clrarray()
  • getauto()
  • getmarksauto()
  • high()
  • inarray()
  • inarraypos()
  • initarray()
  • nbits()
  • putmarksauto()
  • strsort()
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    Array functions
    bitand() Intersection of two bit fields
    bitandnot() Intersection of a bit field with the complement of another
    bitnot() Complement of a Bit array
    bitor() Union of two bit-fields
    bitsum() Gibt die Summe übereinstimmender Bitwerte aus mehreren Arrays
    bittrunc() Schneidet ein TBit-Array exakt
    clrarray() Initializes an array variable with empty entries
    getauto() Stores the inr-index in an integer array
    getmarksauto() Quickly copies the auto field values into an integer array
    high() Get the field dimension
    inarray() checks if number is in an array
    inarraypos() InArray mit Rückgabe der Position
    initarray() Dynamic field dimensioning
    nbits() Counts the set Bits
    strsort() Sorts one and two dimensional STRING arrays

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