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    Topic complex System functions
    Function getpara()
    Short Get the value of a runtime flag
    Syntax GETPARA(para : STRING) : INTEGER
    Parameter para : runtime flag as string

    'ec' -> error handling
    'nv' -> analyses with VAL
    'nb' -> aborting text
    'em' -> full-text mode
    Return actual set value of the particular flag
    See also:
    Description With the runtime flags the behavior of the tdbengine is controlled. Except AK all flags are foremost activated at runtime and on principle are valid global.

    Set and read

    To set a flag there are two oportunities:

    * point command (out of date)
    * function SetPara

    A point command is a programm line which starts with a point (whereby leading blanks are ignored). After this point the specific flags with its actual values are written one after another - and each seperated with commas:

    .ec 1, nb 0

    Because in the next main version (6.3.x) the line structure in EASY-programms will be cancelled you should no longer use this kind of setting flags.

    Use instead the function SetPara:

    SetPara(flag : STRING) : INTEGER

    The flags are passed as string (without leading point) - also seperated by commas:

    SetPara('ec 1, nb 0')

    The return value of the function is always 0, at an illegal command a runtime error is caused.

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