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  • ansitooem()
  • asc()
  • chr()
  • decodeb64()
  • digitstr()
  • encodeb64()
  • exchange()
  • extnote()
  • fillstr()
  • groß()
  • isnumber()
  • klein()
  • länge()
  • leftstr()
  • length()
  • links()
  • lower()
  • ltrim()
  • makepw()
  • ntimes()
  • oemtoansi()
  • pos()
  • rechts()
  • rightstr()
  • rtrim()
  • scan()
  • soundex()
  • stradd()
  • strcomp()
  • subpath()
  • swap()
  • testln()
  • testpw()
  • tohtml()
  • upper()
  • valstr()
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    String functions
    ansitooem() Converts a string from ANSI to ASCII
    asc() ASCII-Code of the first character of a string.
    chr() Get string from a ANSI code
    decodeb64() Decodes a string with Base64
    digitstr() Natural number as run of digits
    encodeb64() Encodes a string with Base64
    exchange() Replaces a substring in a string
    extnote() Buffer to interchange information with other EASY programms
    fillstr() Fills up a string
    groß() Translates a string to capital letters (out of date)
    isnumber() Prüft auf Zahl
    klein() Translates a string to lower case letters (out of date)
    länge() Number of chars in a string (out of date)
    leftstr() Left substring
    length() Number of chars in a string
    links() Left substring (out of date)
    lower() Translates a string to lower case letters
    ltrim() Deletes leading blanks
    makepw() Verschlüsselt einen String im Unix-Standard
    ntimes() Multiple repeat of a string
    oemtoansi() Translates an ASCII string to ANSI
    pos() Acquires the first incidence of a substring in a string
    rechts() Returns the right sub string (out of date)
    rightstr() Returns the right substring
    rtrim() Deletes right blanks
    scan() Counts the occurence of a sub string
    soundex() Returns a phonetic string
    stradd() Addition of huge numbers as strings
    strcomp() compares two strings
    subpath() String1 without String2
    swap() Inversion of a string with reference to the start of sorting
    testln() Check string for content and add CR/LF
    testpw() Prüft einen String auf Übereinstimmung mit einem verschlüsselten Text
    tohtml() Converts a string to the HTML character set
    upper() String in upper case characters
    valstr() Calculates an expression

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