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Table functions
  • access()
  • andmarks()
  • autofield()
  • autorecno()
  • blobsize()
  • blobtype()
  • cleardat()
  • closedb()
  • copyblob()
  • copymemo()
  • dbdir()
  • dbname()
  • dbno()
  • dbrights()
  • deldb()
  • delindex()
  • delmark()
  • delmarkedrecords()
  • delmarks()
  • delrec()
  • editoff()
  • editon()
  • embedblob()
  • exists()
  • fields()
  • filemode()
  • fileno()
  • filesize()
  • findandmark()
  • findauto()
  • findrec()
  • firstmark()
  • firstrec()
  • flushdb()
  • fsum()
  • genindex()
  • getcode()
  • getdef()
  • getfield()
  • getmarks()
  • getmode()
  • getpw()
  • getrec()
  • getrfield()
  • getstructure()
  • gettype()
  • incrfield()
  • inddef()
  • indname()
  • indno()
  • ismark()
  • label()
  • labelno()
  • lastrec()
  • link()
  • linkblob()
  • linkinfo()
  • lock()
  • makedb()
  • markdoubles()
  • markindex()
  • markpattern()
  • maxfile()
  • maxlabel()
  • memolen()
  • memostr()
  • newtable()
  • nextmark()
  • nextrec()
  • nmarks()
  • opendb()
  • prevrec()
  • primfile()
  • primtable()
  • putmarks()
  • putrec()
  • readmemo()
  • readrec()
  • recno()
  • recno()
  • recnr()
  • regenall()
  • regenind()
  • relation()
  • rendb()
  • reopendb()
  • revmarks()
  • setalias()
  • setauto()
  • setfield()
  • setfields()
  • setfilter()
  • setmark()
  • setmarks()
  • setrecord()
  • setrfield()
  • sortmark()
  • treeinfo()
  • unlock()
  • writerec()
    Text functions
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    Table functions
    access() Specifies the order of access for a table
    andmarks() Forms the intersection between marking list and REAL-field
    autofield() Returns the field number of that field which saves the auto number
    autorecno() Returns the auto number of the actual record
    blobsize() Returns the size of a BLOB
    blobtype() Type of the content of a BLOB-field
    cleardat() Deletes all records of a file
    closedb() Closes a table
    copyblob() Copies the (embedded) content of a BLOB field to a file or into an array
    copymemo() Copies a memo to an external text file
    dbdir() Directory of the path of a table
    dbname() Name of the path of a table
    dbrights() Rights on an opened table
    deldb() Deletes a table within all belonging elements
    delindex() Deletes an existing index and removes it from the table
    delmark() Deletes a record number from the marking list of a table
    delmarkedrecords() Deletes records from the marking list
    delmarks() Deletes the whole marking list of a table
    delrec() Deletes a record physically from a table
    editoff() Sperre freigeben
    editon() Satzsperre einrichten
    embedblob() Copies an external file or an array into a BLOB field
    exists() Checks the grantability of a condition
    fields() Field definition for the full text indexing
    filemode() Returns the access rights of a table (out of date)
    fileno() Returns the handle of the actual primary table
    filesize() Number of records in a table
    findandmark() Marks a selection
    findauto() Returns the physical number of record to an auto-number
    findrec() Searches a record via an index
    firstmark() Returns the physical record number of the beginning of a marking list of a table
    firstrec() Number of the first record regarding to the actual access
    flushdb() Flushes the write buffer
    fsum() Sums up the field contents of sequent data fields
    genindex() Creates a new index
    getcode() Scrambling code of a table
    getdef() Writes the structure of a table to a text file
    getfield() Returns the content of a field from the record buffer
    getmarks() Saves a marking list
    getmode() Get table rights (out of date)
    getpw() Get the password of a table
    getrec() Schreibt den Satzpuffer in ein Array
    getrfield() Returns the content of a field from the record buffer
    getstructure() Get the structure of a table field
    gettype() Get field type (out of date)
    incrfield() Increments the value of a data field
    inddef() Get the index description
    indname() Returns the name of an index
    indno() Get the number of the active index (out of date)
    ismark() Checks record in marking list
    label() Get the field identifier
    labelno() Get field number
    lastrec() Number of the last record according to the actual access
    linkblob() Links an external file with a BLOB field
    lock() Tabellensperre einrichten
    makedb() Creates a new table
    markdoubles() Marks double entries with regard to an index
    markindex() Resorts the internal mark list by an index
    maxfile() Largest valid table handle
    maxlabel() Number of data fields (columns) in a table
    memolen() Get the number of chars in a memo field
    memostr() Beginning of a memo field as a string
    newtable() Create an (empty) copy of a table
    nextmark() Next marked record
    nextrec() Physical record number of the following one
    nmarks() Size of the marking list of a table handle
    opendb() Opens a table
    prevrec() Physical number of the previous record
    primfile() Sets the primary table (out of date)
    primtable() Sets the primary table
    putmarks() Sets the marking list of a table
    putrec() Schreibt ein Array in den Satzpuffer
    readmemo() Reads memos from a text file
    readrec() Reads a record
    recno() Number of the actual record of a table
    recno() Number of the actual record of a table
    recnr() Number of the actual record of a table (out of date)
    regenall() Regenerates all indices of a table
    regenind() Regenerates the index of a table
    rendb() Renames a table
    reopendb() Re-opens an already open table with other access rights
    revmarks() Turnabout the order of the marking list of a table
    setalias() Creates an alias for an already opened table
    setauto() Sets the next AUTO number
    setfield() Transfering information to the record buffer
    setfields() Set more than one fields of a record
    setfilter() Sets a filter to an active index
    setmark() Sets a mark in a marking list
    setmarks() Markiert alle Datensätze einer Tabelle
    setrecord() Copies a record from another table
    setrfield() Transmission of numeric information to the record buffer
    sortmark() Sorts the marking list
    treeinfo() Index-Informationen
    unlock() Sperre freigeben
    writerec() Writes a record

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