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Numerical functions
  • abs()
  • arccos()
  • cos()
  • exp()
  • frac()
  • int()
  • log()
  • random()
  • round()
  • sin()
  • sqrt()
  • str()
  • testbit()
  • val()
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    Numerical functions
    abs() Returns the absolute value of a number
    arccos() Arkuskosinus einer Zahl
    cos() Cosinus of a number
    exp() Exponential function
    frac() Decimal fraction of a number
    int() Whole numbered part of a number
    log() Natural logarithm
    random() Random number
    round() Rounds a number to n decimal places
    sin() Sinus
    sqrt() Sqare root
    str() Converts a number to a string
    testbit() Checks if a Bit is set
    val() Analyses a string

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