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  • AND
  • BIS
  • esgibt()
  • FROM
  • GRÖßER
  • HAS
  • HAT
  • IN
  • IST
  • LIKE
  • NOT
  • ODER
  • OR
  • sel()
  • testsel()
  • TO
  • UND
  • WIE
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    AB sprachliche Alternative für >= (veraltet)
    ÄHNLICH phonetischer Vergleich (veraltet)
    ALLES Symbol for complete record (out of date)
    AND logical AND
    BIS sprachliche Alternative für <= (veraltet) oder TO
    COMPLETE Symbol for a complete record
    ENTHÄLT Checks if a string is included in another one (out of date)
    esgibt() Operator of existence (out of time for EXISTS)
    FROM Defines the beginning of an area
    GRÖßER Logical operator > (out of date)
    HAS Checks for substing
    HAT Checks for substing (out of date)
    IN Set operator
    IST Alikeness (out of date)
    KLEINER logical operator < (out of date)
    LIKE String comparison with wild cards
    NICHT logical NOT (out of date)
    NOT Negation of a logical expression
    ODER Non exclsive OR (out of date)
    OR Non exclusive OR
    sel() Converts a selection to a number
    testsel() Returns the error code of a selection
    TO Alias for <=
    UND Logical AND
    WIE String comparison with wild cards (out of date)

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