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Stream functions
  • f_close()
  • f_create()
  • f_error()
  • f_find()
  • f_open()
  • f_pos()
  • f_read()
  • f_replace()
  • f_seek()
  • f_size()
  • f_write()
    String functions
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    Stream functions
    f_close() Closes an open stream
    f_create() Creates a new stream
    f_error() Returns the error code given by the operating system after the last operation
    f_find() Findet String
    f_open() Opens an existing stream
    f_pos() Liefert die aktuelle Position in einem Stream
    f_read() Reads from a stream
    f_replace() Ersetzt target durch replacement
    f_seek() Sets the current position within a stream
    f_size() Calculate the size of a stream
    f_write() Writes into a stream

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