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    Topic complex Date functions
    Function datetime_to_unix()
    Short Builds an unix timestamp from a date and a time give
    Syntax DATETIME_TO_UNIX(date : INTEGER; time : REAL) : INTEGER
    Parameter date : date in tdbengine format (= minutes since 1.1.1900)
    time : time in tdbengine format (= seconds since 00:00h)
    Return Number of seconds since the 1st Januarary 1970 and the given Date/Time combination.
    See also:
    unix_now() unix_date() unix_time() today() now()
    Description Example:
    DATETIME_TO_UNIX(1.1.1970,0:0:0) = 0
    DATETIME_TO_UNIX(today,now) = 1067089596

    Attention: On Windows systems no timezone or daylight saving are considered.

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