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  • datestr()
  • datetime_to_unix()
  • day()
  • dayofweek()
  • monat()
  • month()
  • now()
  • str_to_unixtime()
  • timestr()
  • unixtime_to_str()
  • unix_date()
  • unix_now()
  • unix_time()
  • week()
  • year()
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    Date functions
    datestr() Date as a string
    datetime_to_unix() Builds an unix timestamp from a date and a time give
    day() Extracts the number of the day from a date
    dayofweek() Weekday of a date
    monat() Extracts the month from a date (out of date)
    month() Month of a date
    now() System time
    str_to_unixtime() Macht aus einem String einen Unix-Timestamp
    timestr() Date as STRING
    unixtime_to_str() Converts a unix timestamp into a datetime string
    unix_date() Liefert das Datum aus einem Unix-Timestamp
    unix_now() Returns the system's date as UNIX-Timestamp
    unix_time() Liefert die Uhrzeit aus einem Unix-Timestamp
    week() Calender week
    year() Extracts the year from a date

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