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CGI functions
  • cgibuffer()
  • cgiclearbuffer()
  • cgiclosebuffer()
  • cgiexec()
  • cgigetparam()
  • cgigetsession()
  • cgitestparam()
  • cgitestsession()
  • cgiwrite()
  • cgiwritehtml()
  • cgiwriteln()
  • cgiwritetemplate()
  • endcgi()
  • endsema()
  • getquerystring()
  • http_post()
  • initcgi()
  • waitsema()
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    CGI functions
    cgibuffer() Turns the CGI-output buffering on or off
    cgiclearbuffer() Deletes the content of the output buffer
    cgiclosebuffer() Writes the output buffer to the standard output and terminates buffering
    cgiexec() Executes an external program
    cgigetparam() Gets a paramter from the standard input
    cgigetsession() Returns the session id out of the IP address and the system time
    cgitestparam() Tests for a parameter to be transfered via the method "POST"
    cgitestsession() Checks a session id for validity
    cgiwrite() Sends a string to the standard output
    cgiwritehtml() Writes a html formated string to the standard output
    cgiwriteln() Outputs a string + <linefeed> to the standard output
    cgiwritetemplate() Writes a system ramtext to the standard output
    endcgi() Terminates CGI functionality
    endsema() Gibt einen Semaphor frei
    getquerystring() Gets a value from the environment variable "QUERY_STRING"
    http_post() Transfer RAMText via POST
    initcgi() Initialisiert die CGI-Umgebung
    waitsema() Set a block

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