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ABsprachliche Alternative für >= (veraltet)
abs()Returns the absolute value of a number
access()Specifies the order of access for a table
ÄHNLICHphonetischer Vergleich (veraltet)
ALLESSymbol for complete record (out of date)
ANDlogical AND
andmarks()Forms the intersection between marking list and REAL-field
ansitooem()Converts a string from ANSI to ASCII
'ANWEISUNGEN'Die wesentlichen Programm-Bestandteile
arccos()Arkuskosinus einer Zahl
asc()ASCII-Code of the first character of a string.
'AUSDRÜCKE'So sind arithmetische Ausdrücke aufgebaut
autofield()Returns the field number of that field which saves the auto number
autorecno()Returns the auto number of the actual record
'BEZEICHNER'So sind Bezeichner aufgebaut
BISsprachliche Alternative für <= (veraltet) oder TO
bitand()Intersection of two bit fields
bitandnot()Intersection of a bit field with the complement of another
bitnot()Complement of a Bit array
bitor()Union of two bit-fields
bitsum()Gibt die Summe übereinstimmender Bitwerte aus mehreren Arrays
bittrunc()Schneidet ein TBit-Array exakt
blobsize()Returns the size of a BLOB
blobtype()Type of the content of a BLOB-field
BYTEHolds values from 0 to 255
B_NOTBinary NOT (Complement)
B_ORBinary OR
cgibuffer()Turns the CGI-output buffering on or off
cgiclearbuffer()Deletes the content of the output buffer
cgiclosebuffer()Writes the output buffer to the standard output and terminates buffering
cgiexec()Executes an external program
cgigetparam()Gets a paramter from the standard input
cgigetsession()Returns the session id out of the IP address and the system time
cgitestparam()Tests for a parameter to be transfered via the method "POST"
cgitestsession()Checks a session id for validity
cgiwrite()Sends a string to the standard output
cgiwritehtml()Writes a html formated string to the standard output
cgiwriteln()Outputs a string + <linefeed> to the standard output
cgiwritetemplate()Writes a system ramtext to the standard output
CHARHolds exactly one character
chdir()Change directory
chmod()Changing file rights
choice()Choose a value from a list
chr()Get string from a ANSI code
cleardat()Deletes all records of a file
close()Closes a text file
closedb()Closes a table
closesock()Closes an existing connection
clrarray()Initializes an array variable with empty entries
compile()Compiles an EASE source code to the temporary PRG code
COMPLETESymbol for a complete record
convline()Converts HTML text to ASCII
copyblob()Copies the (embedded) content of a BLOB field to a file or into an array
copyfile()Creates the copy of a file
copymemo()Copies a memo to an external text file
cos()Cosinus of a number
count()Return the number of records of a query
dat2dbf()Converts a tdb table to dbf file format
datestr()Date as a string
datetime_to_unix()Builds an unix timestamp from a date and a time give
day()Extracts the number of the day from a date
dayofweek()Weekday of a date
dbdir()Directory of the path of a table
dbf2dat()Converts a dbf table (DBase, FoxPro) to the tdbengine table format
dbname()Name of the path of a table
dbrights()Rights on an opened table
decodeb64()Decodes a string with Base64
DEFDefiniert eine Inline-Funktion
deldb()Deletes a table within all belonging elements
delfile()Deletes an external file
delident()Löscht einen Eintrag aus einer Konfigurationsdatei
delindex()Deletes an existing index and removes it from the table
delmark()Deletes a record number from the marking list of a table
delmarkedrecords()Deletes records from the marking list
delmarks()Deletes the whole marking list of a table
delrec()Deletes a record physically from a table
digitstr()Natural number as run of digits
dirinfo()Directory entry of a file
diskfree()Returns the free space of the storage medium
DIVWhole numbered division without remainder
editoff()Sperre freigeben
editon()Satzsperre einrichten
embedblob()Copies an external file or an array into a BLOB field
encodeb64()Encodes a string with Base64
endcgi()Terminates CGI functionality
endsema()Gibt einen Semaphor frei
ENTHÄLTChecks if a string is included in another one (out of date)
eot()Signals the end of a text file
esgibt()Operator of existence (out of time for EXISTS)
exchange()Replaces a substring in a string
execmacro()Executes a function in an external module
execprog()Kompilert und führt beliebigen EASY-Code zur Laufzeit aus
exists()Checks the grantability of a condition
exp()Exponential function
extnote()Buffer to interchange information with other EASY programms
fields()Field definition for the full text indexing
filemode()Returns the access rights of a table (out of date)
fileno()Returns the handle of the actual primary table
filesize()Number of records in a table
fillstr()Fills up a string
findandmark()Marks a selection
findauto()Returns the physical number of record to an auto-number
findrec()Searches a record via an index
firstdir()Returns the directory entry of a search pattern
firstmark()Returns the physical record number of the beginning of a marking list of a table
firstrec()Number of the first record regarding to the actual access
flush()Transmission of all buffered data
flushdb()Flushes the write buffer
frac()Decimal fraction of a number
FROMDefines the beginning of an area
fsum()Sums up the field contents of sequent data fields
f_close()Closes an open stream
f_create()Creates a new stream
f_error()Returns the error code given by the operating system after the last operation
f_find()Findet String
f_open()Opens an existing stream
f_pos()Liefert die aktuelle Position in einem Stream
f_read()Reads from a stream
f_replace()Ersetzt target durch replacement
f_seek()Sets the current position within a stream
f_size()Calculate the size of a stream
f_write()Writes into a stream
genindex()Creates a new index
genlist()Creates a table of keywords
genrel()Creates the relations table of a fulltext index
getauto()Stores the inr-index in an integer array
getcode()Scrambling code of a table
getdef()Writes the structure of a table to a text file
getdir()Returns the actual directory
getenv()Get the environment variable
getfield()Returns the content of a field from the record buffer
getident()Gets an entry from a configuration file
getmarks()Saves a marking list
getmarksauto()Quickly copies the auto field values into an integer array
getmode()Get table rights (out of date)
getpara()Get the value of a runtime flag
getpw()Get the password of a table
getquerystring()Gets a value from the environment variable "QUERY_STRING"
getrec()Schreibt den Satzpuffer in ein Array
getrfield()Returns the content of a field from the record buffer
getsize()Returns the filesize
getsock()Receives data from an open TCP connection
getstructure()Get the structure of a table field
gettype()Get field type (out of date)
groß()Translates a string to capital letters (out of date)
GRÖßERLogical operator > (out of date)
halt()Terminate programm
HASChecks for substing
HATChecks for substing (out of date)
high()Get the field dimension
http_post()Transfer RAMText via POST
IFConditional execution
INSet operator
inarray()checks if number is in an array
inarraypos()InArray mit Rückgabe der Position
incrfield()Increments the value of a data field
inddef()Get the index description
'INDEXBESCHREIBUNG'Indexdefinition und Sortierkriterium
indname()Returns the name of an index
indno()Get the number of the active index (out of date)
initarray()Dynamic field dimensioning
initcgi()Initialisiert die CGI-Umgebung
int()Whole numbered part of a number
INTEGERNimmt Ganzzahlen auf
isfile()Checks existence of a file or a directory
ismark()Checks record in marking list
isnumber()Prüft auf Zahl
ISTAlikeness (out of date)
klein()Translates a string to lower case letters (out of date)
KLEINERlogical operator < (out of date)
'KONSTANTEN'Zeichenkonstanten und numerische Konstanten
label()Get the field identifier
labelno()Get field number
länge()Number of chars in a string (out of date)
lastrec()Number of the last record according to the actual access
leftstr()Left substring
length()Number of chars in a string
LIKEString comparison with wild cards
linkblob()Links an external file with a BLOB field
links()Left substring (out of date)
loadtemplate()Loads an external text file to the system ramtext
lock()Tabellensperre einrichten
log()Natural logarithm
lower()Translates a string to lower case letters
ltrim()Deletes leading blanks
makedb()Creates a new table
makedir()Creates a new directory
makepw()Verschlüsselt einen String im Unix-Standard
markbits()Search in the fulltext index
markdoubles()Marks double entries with regard to an index
markindex()Resorts the internal mark list by an index
marktable()Searches in a fulltext index
max()Returns the maximal value of an expression of a database analyse
maxfile()Largest valid table handle
maxlabel()Number of data fields (columns) in a table
md5_str()Berechnet den MD5-Hashwert eines Strings
mean()Returns the arithmetical average of an expression for a database analyse
memolen()Get the number of chars in a memo field
memostr()Beginning of a memo field as a string
min()Returns the minimal value of an expression of a database analyse
MODRemainder of a whole numbered division
MODULEBeginning of a module
monat()Extracts the month from a date (out of date)
month()Month of a date
nbits()Counts the set Bits
newtable()Create an (empty) copy of a table
nextdir()Next directory entry regarding to FirstDir
nextmark()Next marked record
nextrec()Physical record number of the following one
NICHTlogical NOT (out of date)
nloop()Multiple repeat of an expression calculation
nmarks()Size of the marking list of a table handle
NOTNegation of a logical expression
note()Catch for another process
note_a()Zwischenspeicher-Array für anderen Prozess
note_b()Zwischenspeicher-Array für anderen Prozess
note_i()Zwischenspeicher-Array für anderen Prozess
now()System time
ntimes()Multiple repeat of a string
ODERNon exclsive OR (out of date)
oemtoansi()Translates an ASCII string to ANSI
opendb()Opens a table
opensock()Opens a connection to any server
ORNon exclusive OR
paramstr()Arguments at calling the programm
pause()Pauses the programm for a certain time
pos()Acquires the first incidence of a substring in a string
prevrec()Physical number of the previous record
primfile()Sets the primary table (out of date)
primtable()Sets the primary table
privdir()Gibt absoluten Pfad zur tdbengine zurück
PROCEDUREIntroduces a procedure
putmarks()Sets the marking list of a table
putrec()Schreibt ein Array in den Satzpuffer
putsock()Writes into an open TCP connection
ramtext()Initialisiert einen Ramtext
ramtext_copy()Copies an area from within a ramtext
ramtext_delete()Deletes an area in a ramtext
ramtext_find()Searches for a string in a ramtext
ramtext_insert()Inserts a string to a ramtext
ramtext_name()Ramtext-Namen eines Handles
ramtext_part()Extracts a string from a ramtext
ramtext_paste()Inserts the "ramtext:~clip" into another ramtext
ramtext_subst()Replaces a string in a ramtext by another
random()Random number
read()Reads the string from a text file
readln()Reads a line from a text file
readmemo()Reads memos from a text file
readrec()Reads a record
REALNimmt Fließkommazahlen auf
rechts()Returns the right sub string (out of date)
recno()Number of the actual record of a table
recno()Number of the actual record of a table
recnr()Number of the actual record of a table (out of date)
regenall()Regenerates all indices of a table
regenind()Regenerates the index of a table
remdir()Deletes an (empty) directory
rename()Renames a file
rendb()Renames a table
reopendb()Re-opens an already open table with other access rights
REPEATNon-rejecting program loop
reset()Opens a text file to read
RETURNQuits the current procedure and returns the function result
revmarks()Turnabout the order of the marking list of a table
rewrite()Opens a text file to write
rightstr()Returns the right substring
round()Rounds a number to n decimal places
rtrim()Deletes right blanks
scan()Counts the occurence of a sub string
scanrec()Insert the actual record to the fulltext index
scanrecs()Recreate fulltext index
sel()Converts a selection to a number
server()Installiert einen Multi-Prozess-Server
setalias()Creates an alias for an already opened table
setauto()Sets the next AUTO number
setcgilog()Write further information to Log-files
setfield()Transfering information to the record buffer
setfields()Set more than one fields of a record
setfilter()Sets a filter to an active index
setident()Sets a new value in the configuration file
setmark()Sets a mark in a marking list
setmarks()Markiert alle Datensätze einer Tabelle
setpara()Sets a runtime flag
setrecord()Copies a record from another table
setrfield()Transmission of numeric information to the record buffer
sortmark()Sorts the marking list
soundex()Returns a phonetic string
sqrt()Sqare root
str()Converts a number to a string
stradd()Addition of huge numbers as strings
strcomp()compares two strings
STRINGNimmt Zeichenketten von 0 bis 255 Zeichen auf
strsort()Sorts one and two dimensional STRING arrays
str_to_unixtime()Macht aus einem String einen Unix-Timestamp
subpath()String1 without String2
subst()Replaces a string in the system ramtext
sum()Returns the sum of an expression for a database evaluation
swap()Inversion of a string with reference to the start of sorting
tappend()Opens a text file to append text
TBITSSpeichert eine Kette von einzelnen Bits
tdb_errorline()Zeilenummer im Programm
tdb_errorofs()Spalte innerhalb der von TDB_ErrorLine gemeldeten Zeile
tdb_errorstr()Returns the error message of an error code
tdb_lasterror()Returns the error code of the last error
tdb_module()Modul, in dem der Fehler auftrat
testbit()Checks if a Bit is set
testident()Prüft, ob ein Eintrag in einer Konfigurationsdatei vorhanden ist
testln()Check string for content and add CR/LF
testpw()Prüft einen String auf Übereinstimmung mit einem verschlüsselten Text
testsel()Returns the error code of a selection
timeout()(Linux only) Quits execution of a procedure after a timeout passed
timestr()Date as STRING
TOAlias for <=
today()System date
todbf()Export einer Tabelle in das DBF-Format
tohtml()Converts a string to the HTML character set
UNDLogical AND
unixtime_to_str()Converts a unix timestamp into a datetime string
unix_date()Liefert das Datum aus einem Unix-Timestamp
unix_now()Returns the system's date as UNIX-Timestamp
unix_time()Liefert die Uhrzeit aus einem Unix-Timestamp
unlock()Sperre freigeben
unscanrec()Deletes the actual record of the fulltext index
upper()String in upper case characters
USESIncluding an external module
val()Analyses a string
valstr()Calculates an expression
VARDefines a variable or a group of variables
varname()Returns the declaration name of a variable
waitsema()Set a block
week()Calender week
WHILERejecting program loop
WIEString comparison with wild cards (out of date)
write()Writes a string to a text file
writeln()Writes a string (plus CR/LF) to a text file
writerec()Writes a record
xwert()Calculates the n. expression of a list (out of date)
year()Extracts the year from a date

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